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Charity Aid to hospitals worldwide
Ipswich Wet Dock
How steam works
History of weighing
Visit to Sackers
Felixstowe Sea defences
Tide Mill
Visit to STC
Visit to Trinity House
Wheels of Ipswich
Ipswich Transport Museum
Ransomes visit
Orford Ness visit
Bentwaters Park visit
Annual Dinner 2013
Technical advances in WWI
Smashing the Atom
Seaplanes at Felixstowe
The Ford Foundry at Leamington Spa
Fracking, the myths, the facts the reality
Tunnels of WW1
Stowmarket Gun Cotton Explosion
Dinner 2014
Air Traffic Control Towers on the HMS Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers
AA man
3D Printing
Sea Defences Felixstowe
History of Paxmans
New Holland Factory
Sewers of Ipswich in the 19th Century
Annual Dinner 2015
Fun Motoring
Hitler's Vengeance Weapons
History of Ipswich Airport
Historical Printing in Ipswich
Forncett Industrial Steam Museum
Bawdsey Manor Radar Station
Annual Dinner 2016
Battery storage and Solar PV
Ipswich Tidal Barrier