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Visit to Sackers

On Thursday 8th September the Society visited Sackers recycling facility located at Great Blakenham just outside of Ipswich where we were kindly given a tour of the premises and were able to see the recycling equipment in service. The visit was well attended by members of Ipswich Engineering Society and proved to be very popular with all of those attending. The focal point of the was the large car recycling plant where either baled cars supplied by other scrap yards or whole cars driven into Sackers own yard were loaded onto a conveyer for processing. As the cars entered the machine from the conveyer they were cut into shreds by powerful blades. The shreds then dropped into the heart of the machine where they here pounded by hammers. The debris from the hammers then dropped through grills to sieve the parts before falling onto the exit conveyer. The conveyer then took the small parts up to the top of the sorting tower where the various material types were sorted. The magnet picked out the steel and sorted it into one area, the aluminium was then flung into another area, the remaining metal parts another and the plastic and foam a fourth area. The other metal materials are then taken offsite for separating and processing, while the plastic and foams are sent to landfill. Sackers kindly provided access into the control room as well as observing the equipment in operation from the outside. The steel conforming to scrap grade 3B is transferred to a special loading and weighing machine whereby standard containers are turned on end and loaded from grabs, the weight being monitored simultaneously. This process does not damage the containers unlike loading them horizontally and forcing the material to the far end with a ram. Ipswich Engineering Society would like to thank Sackers for their hospitality and for providing a thoroughly interesting and informative evening.