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The History of Industrial Scales and CCTV Wednesday 25th January 2012

The speaker for the 2012 Presidents Evenings was Clark Skates, Managing Director of STC Solutions. STC Solutions offer complete solutions for industrial weighing equipment including sales, hire, calibration and repair. They also offer complete solutions for CCTV systems. The talk was divided into two parts, the history of weighing equipment and then the history of video surveillance. The history of weighing equipment took us from the very earliest days of approximately 3500BC where the Egyptians were obtaining an accuracy of about 1 part in 50 with their wooden fulcrums. We then passed through the Roman period who improved the accuracy to 1 part in 100 or 250 by using iron or bronze fulcrums. Then in around 400BC the Danish steelyard became the cutting edge of weighing having no loose weights. We then looked at Avery scales and the effects of the Turnpike act, John Wyatt’s compound lever scale weigh bridge all happening in the 1700s then we came more up to date with the load cell strain gauge equipment from the 1960s, the advances of microprocessor control in the 1970s and then came fully up to date with the weighing equipment of today. We then moved on to the history of video surveillance and CCTV from its earliest known uses in 1913 to monitor the women’s suffragettes, through the security in the 1960s for the Thai Royal families visit to Trafalgar Square, the introduction of covert cameras in Liverpool town centre in 1964 and the introduction of retail cameras in 1967. Then the rapid advances and deployments of the 1970s and 1980s for traffic surveillance, football grounds etc. to the 1990s. Where wireless systems were introduced, speed cameras, ATM cameras, number plate recognition and the vast proliferation of uses that continues today.