Presented at the Annual General Meeting on 6th February 2018, held at The Golden Hind Public House, 470 Nacton Road, Ipswich IP3 9NF


Malcolm van den Bergh


David Bird 2010-2012
John Selley 2007-2009


John Fisher
Clive Simpson
David Stokes
David Wilson
Mark Jackaman


Treasurer - Angus McGready
Secretary Administration - David Redhead
Secretary Membership - Jim Spurling


1. Attendance and Apologies.
2. Minutes of AGM held on 21st February 2017 (copy below).
3. Matters arising from those Minutes
4. Re - election of Officers,

Nominated by the Council for re-election to be Members of Council 2016-2017
President-Malcolm van den Bergh
Admin Secretary -David Redhead
Membership Secretary-Jim Spurling
Treasurer-Angus McGready
Council members
David Bird
John Fisher
John Selley
Clive Simpson
David Stokes
David Wilson
Mark Jackaman

5.Treasurer's Report by A. McGready.(copy below)
6. Fees for 2018
7. President's Report and address by Malcolm van de Bergh
8. Programme for 2018 David Redhead
9. Any Other business


The meeting opened with President Malcolm van den Bergh welcoming members and confirming that as there were 36 members present we were quorum. He also confirmed apologies received from a number of members.

The minutes of the last meeting having been circulated to all members were taken as read by the President and were accepted by members. This was proposed by Tony Smith and seconded Jimmy Poll.

There were no matters arising from these minutes that would not be picked up by other agenda items.

The President summarised that during 2016, we had had much higher attendances at our meetings and that membership stood at just under 60. This was excellent news and the membership was thanked for supporting the visits and talks in such numbers.

The Council Members were thanked for their support during the year and once again Jim Spurling and David Redhead were given a special mention for their sterling work during 2016.

Moving onto the election of the officers, David Redhead took the chair and indicated that Malcolm Van Den Bergh had offered his availability to stand as President for a further term. Therefore David proposed and John Selley seconded this motion and thus Malcolm was duly re-elected as President.

Malcolm retook the Chair and confirmed that all council members except David Bird were prepared to stay for another term. David was thanked for his input to Council and as President. After asking if there were any objections, this was put to the meeting, proposed by the President. The format would be Angus McGready again standing as Treasurer, Jim Spurling will continue to act as Membership Secretary, re subscriptions and David Redhead would also continue as Administration Secretary to send out the notices of Meetings and Visits. The remainder of the Council of John Fisher, John Selley, Clive Simpson, David Stokes, David Wilson and Mark Jackaman was seconded by Graham Jones. They were duly elected unopposed.

Angus McGready presented the Treasurers Report. He pointed out that we had ended the 2016 financial year with a balance of £ 2,624.83. Numbers were again good for the annual dinner. The costs for visits and lectures were lower than 2015 and there was no extraordinary expenditure, like last year's projector. Overall, the financial position of the society, taken over the last three years is very stable and no increase in subscriptions was required. He did point out however that the position is due to the generosity of BSP International Foundations secretarial support and to David Redhead and Jim Spurling who continue to donate their Secretaries’ honorarium to the Society. Without this we would have made a loss.

Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Clive Simpson and seconded by Jim Poll. It was formally agreed to continue with membership fees at 㾶 per person. This was proposed by John Selley and seconded by David Wilson

On a general item agenda on the web-site it had been noted that in the previous year's AGM there had been some concern by members. It was agreed that in 2016 matters had improved. Thanks go to Clive Simpson whose diligence in preparing reports was noted. Also once notification of the meeting and visit data was known, Angus put these on the site.

The president ran through the 2017 activities prior to David Redhead talking through ideas for the 2017 programme. As per last year's note, due to some difficulties encountered in the past by speakers being unavailable at short notice once again David proposed that no year-long programme would be issued but notices giving details of the next two meetings would be issued. David once again pointed out that that Council was there to serve the members and thus if anyone had an idea for talks or visits to let him know.

There were no Any Other Business matters from the floor.

Before closing the meeting the President reminded members that Jim would take subscriptions from any member wishing to pay before leaving.

The meeting concluded at 19.50

D Redhead


We ended the 2017 financial year with a balance of £ 2,675. In the year income was £ 578.42, expenditure was £ 527.28, a surplus of £ 50.64 compared to last year's surplus of £ 166. A reasonable year. Subscriptions were down at £ 520, but guest fees were up, which more than compensated.

There was no annual dinner this year, as it was moved to January, and this usually shows a small profit.

The costs for visits and lectures were sharply up at £ 528 compared to last year's £ 331 and this may cause a problem in the future as it has become more difficult to get gratis talks.

It must be noted again that this position is due to the generosity of David Redhead and Jim Spurling who continue to donate their Secretaries’ honorarium to the Society. Without this we would make a loss.


INCOME 2016 £ 2017 £
Individual subscriptions 540520
Donations/Guest Fees10 58
Annual Dinner Ticket receipts 1,1360
Annual Dinner Draw 580
Interest 1.160.42
Total income1,745.16578.42
Secretary's Expenses 00
Website68.40 0
Annual Dinner1,1390
Annual Dinner Speakers Fee400
Visits and Lectures331527.78
Total Expenditure1,578.90527.78
At January 1st
Current a/c1.001.00
Deposit a/c2,458.572,624.83
At December 31st
Current a/c1.001.00
Deposit a/c2,624.632,675.47