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2017 Programme Update


As mentioned previously we now have a confirmed date for the visit to the English Spirit Distillery Company at Great Yeldham. The Company is a Small Batch Copper Pot Independent Distiller and over the past several years have won nearly sixty international medals, including best gin, best vodka and best rum in the world.

We will visit at 1100 on Monday 19th June.

We are limited to a party of 20 and although a few of you have confirmed interest, could I trouble you again to confirm this date and also if you are prepared to offer transport. When I get the full picture of numbers etc, I will sort out the transport for others.

Great Yeldham is about 1 hour 10 min from Ipswich and at the moment the visit will be free of charge. If we do not get enough members to go, we will open it up to guests.

The next visit will be to the Maycast-Noakes foundry in Halstead on Friday 19th August in the afternoon at 1330.

With and impressive international customer base, Maycast Noakes is a leading manufacturer of high quality castings. The Company works across a number of sectors including aerospace and marine. Maycast-Nokes is proud of its position as one of the most comprehensive single-site suppliers of non-ferrous castings in the UK. Operating from its modern site in Halstead, the company is fully equipped with the latest technology to produce machined lost wax/investment castings and precision sand castings of the absolute highest standard.

Maycast-Nokes is a family-owned business, just as it was when it was formed in the 1950's when it was known as Evans Foundry. Today, the company employs more than 140 people and has an annual turnover of more than £6 million.

Due to the logistics, I am afraid they can accommodate 10 on this trip so the first 10 names will be on first come/first served basis. You must have you own protection shoes for this visit. Other PPE will be provided at site. Again we will sort transport out once we know who is going so again please indicate if you can provide transport. Apologies that some will be disappointed due to limited numbers.

Andrew Dalby has very kindly confirmed the visit to Braffe Foundry which will take place on the 21st August at 1330 with a limit of 20 persons. Once again please indicate if you are interested to attend this visit and confirm transport facilities. Once again this will be on a first come first served basis.

Please email to let me know which of these visits you would like to go on and if you can offer transport.

For those of you without email, please call the office 01473830431 (Lorna or Connie) and book in.

Kind regards