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Trinity House September 2012

Ipswich Engineering Society visited Trinity House in Harwich on a pleasant Thursday afternoon where we had a very professional presentation. From which we learnt the history of Trinity House from the Royal Charter granted by Henry VIII in 1514 to the present day. We also learnt of the work carried out by Trinity House as the General Lighthouse Authority for England and Wales and its deep sea pilotage service as well as its charitable activities supporting the safety, training and welfare of mariners including some retirement homes for aged mariners. Following the talk and presentation the Society was given a tour of the control room responsible for the well-being of Trinity House’s lighthouses and buoys. This is a high tech facility controlling 68 lighthouses, light vessels and buoys all of which are unmanned and vital to the safe passage of shipping. We also visited the buoy repair facility at Trinity House Harwich. Seeing first-hand the facilities used to overhaul the buoys including shot blasting, repair and painting. The buoys themselves are technically extremely advanced often having on-board GPS satellite positioning and power generation by either wave or solar generators

Bouy 1 Bouy_2 Lighthouse_1 Lighthouse 2