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Ipswich Historical printing

Wednesday 30th March 2016

Our speaker was Borin Van Loon who has created and maintained the Ipswich historic lettering website since 2004. Borin covered many aspects of lettering within Ipswich, looking at specific areas starting at Bishops Hill, moving towards the town centre, but also looking at specific types of lettering. Borin talked at length and showed photographs of old street signs within Ipswich, featuring many old cast examples from foundries themselves located in Ipswich. Milestones were similarly covered including the many cast iron examples found around the town. Borin also talked at length about the architectural lettering on various buildings around the town, homing in on particular areas such as Princes Street where some fine examples can be seen and also covered some sculptured features spread around the town. As well as the many stone plaques built into cottages and villas located around the town. Borin concluded his talk with lettered features of interest in the wet dock area, before entering into a question and answer session.

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