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Battery Storage in Conjunction with PV Panel Installations.

Monday 12th December 2016

This talk was given by Robbie Galthrop, Technical Director of East Green Energy Limited. Robbie talked at length about the changes in photovoltaic panels over recent years, the requirements of having an inverter to change the DC electrical energy collected to AC to feed into the property mains and the advantages of micro inverters on each PV panel over using a single inverter for the whole PV panel array. Robbie also talked about the growing popularity of having battery storage to permit the electricity generated by the solar panels to be stored for use later and thus reducing the amount of electricity drawn from the national grid at times when the PV panels are not generating any or not enough energy for the household needs. The control panels for switching between PV generated electricity, battery stored electricity and incoming electricity from the national grid were all covered at length along with information on the feed in tariffs and how they have changed over time and how they are likely to change in future.

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