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Ipswich Tidal Barrier

Thursday 23rd March 2017

Ipswich Tidal Barrier Thursday 23rd March 2017

At a well-attended meeting of the Ipswich Engineering Society, Neil Dorling of VBA Joint Venture Limited, Project Manager for the Ipswich Tidal Barrier gave a very interesting talk on progress so far with this major flood defence project for Ipswich. VBA Joint Venture Limited is a partnership of VolkerStevin, Boskalis Westminister and Atkins.

The Ipswich tidal barrier will be located at the entrance to the new cut at Ipswich on the river Orwell. The barrier will be a rising radial gate with a width of 20 metres, adjacent to it on the west bank as part of the scheme new land will be created from the dredged material removed from the river to create the barrier. On the island a new control building for the barrier will be created.

Neil began his talk by outlining the previous works carried out on the new wall defences either side of the river that has allowed the stage of creating the barrier to be realised. Neil continued by detailing the preparation work, the logistics of getting the piles on site and outlining the piling and pumping operations to complete the cofferdam. With the cofferdam in place work is now moving to the stage of excavating the base and laying cement inside the cofferdam.

Neil also talked about the control building, the operating cylinders and the land works for creating the new land on the west bank.

The talk was accompanied by many photographs and images of the works so far, the final design and the plans of the works. Neil concluded his talk with a question and answer session.

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